About Us

Who are we?

Satys is a young company that specializes in collecting feedback and measuring customer satisfaction. Our goal? Making feedback fun, accessible and valuable for everyone! Satys is founded in 2017 by three students and is currently positioned in Hoendiep (Groningen).

In the first two years we already have been able to do many great projects for very diverse organizations such as Rabobank, Omrin, Canon, the UMCG and several shopping centers, catering companies, universities and multiple events.

We support organizations throughout the whole feedback process, which means that we help stating the right questions, choosing the right tools to collect the feedback and that we help interpreting the results and do data analysis.

Our Incentive

Satys was founded, because we noticed the annoyance in the field of surveys. The biggest problems we saw at companies were:

  1. Asking wrong questions
  2. Having too long surveys
  3. Having boring surveys

We want to prevent these problems and help you to collect as much valuable feedback as possible in a fun way. We have developed various feedback tools for this. The most frequently used feedbacktool at the moment is our feedback column: SatysTab.

Customer satisfaction has become a very important component nowadays. Insights into the needs and experiences of customers is essential for improvement. We help you with this by stating the right questions and providing the best feedback tools in order to obtain valuable data.

Satys | Your feedback architect.