Eurest: "Professional experts"

David Verweij
Hospitality manager
Eurest NL

"The advantage of the Satys is that we can quickly measure feedback from the students and employees on-the-spot. This enables us to quickly get to work with the improvement points that come up. The collected feedback gives us answers to general questions, but due to the high response we continuously obtain, we can also perform in-depth analysis which gives us even more insights from the data. This helps us to draw up an even better improvement plan," says David Verweij.

Eurest, caterer at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, constantly maps and monitors the wishes and needs of their guests.

"We are doing well, but we always want to get better. For example, if you score an 8 on average, you know that you are doing well. However, we are aiming at a 10, so these kind of insights really give us the drive to do even better."

Why did you choose Satys and how do you like that?

"Satys had already done multiple assignments for us when they were only a student start-up. They already delivered a lot of good work at that time. Therefore, there was no reason for us to look further. I have found it especially positive that Satys is well acquainted with customer feedback and I really admire that Satys thinks along with us. That's the main reason Satys took a lot of work out of our hands. I would like to compliment Satys on their professionality"

With what words would you describe the services of Satys?

"I do just two: professional and very professional!"