Omrin: "Innovative & customer friendly"

Elske van der Kooi
Policy adviser citizen participation

"Our assignment for Satys"

Annualy, comissioned by the municipality of Leeuwarden Omrin collects feedback from residents the city. We all want a cleaner living environment. That is why Omrin asks the citizens how they can create ánd keep a cleaner living environment together. Omrin learns from these tips. Furthermore, Omrin gives information to the residents. The interviewers tell about the Recycleboulevard of the foundation Omrin Estafette, the Omrin milieustraat and underground waste facilities. Satys supports and advises with conducting and processing these interviews.

"Satys saves us time and money"

The interviews have been conducted several years prior. Beforehand, paper registration was used. This inclined that all answers had to be processed manually. Which is a high labour intesive job, both with conducting the questionnaires as with the administrative processing of the results. Since 2018 we conduct the interviews through Satys and this is much more efficient.

We asked Elske van der Kooi about her experiences, she said the following: "Satys deliverd a complete solution to conduct and optimize the research. Not only could we enter the answers immediately, but we automatically got updated on which addresses we still had to cover. Through the deployment of Satys, processing the data has saved much time for our employees and Satys deliverd reports quickly. All of this saved a lot of time and now Omrin can especially focus on the outcome."

"An important result is that conducting the questionnaires happens quicker and more efficiently"

"I'm very satisfied with the collaboration with Satys. In 2019 we added new functionality into the system. This made that customations were needed, but that is taken care of quickly. Satys goes on until everything works perfect."

"We were most impressed by the customer friendliness"

In one word I would describe Satys as: innovative and customer friendly.