Omrin: "Customer friendly"

Coby Idzenga
Policy adviser customer relations management

"Our assignment for Satys"

Annualy, Omrin collects, through a 'foot in the door'-action, feedback from residents of Leeuwarden about the the neatness of the environment and about the undeground waste facility they use. A sample of 4,000 addresses is visited and questioned. Omrin asked Satys to support with digitizing and optimizing the way these questionaires are conducted home to home.

"Letting Satys process the data saved us valuable time and money"

The questionnaires have been conducted several years prior. Until Satys stepped in to help, everything was filled out on paper questionnaires, answers were ticked and results down manually. This made for a high labor intensity during the conducting of the surveys and processing of the responses. Which for itself led to a poor employee satisfaction across all of the project, high costs and waste of means by Omrin. Conducting the questionnaires via Satys sped up the process remarkably.

"An important result was that conducting the questionnaires was quicker and more efficient"

Satys deliverd a complete solution to conduct and optimize the research. Not only could we enter the answers immediately, but we automatically got a daily update on which addresses we still had to cover. Through the deployment of Satys, processing the data has saved much time and Satys deliverd reports quickly. All of this saved a lot of time and now Omrin can focus on the results.

"The support during the process was fine"

"We experienced the collaboration with Satys very positive. For both parties this application was quite new and some interim adjustments were needed, but Satys handled them fine everytime again. Further, we experienced the quick response on changes, which have gradually evolved, as very pleasant."