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SatysScan is a tool that is very easy to use and accesible for everyone with a smartphone. Since nowadays everyone has a smartphone within reach, this tool not only very accesible, but also a cheap solution for obtaining feedback. 

NFC and QR technology

How it works? Very simple. Satys offers two possibilities: QR and NFC. The most commonly known method is the scanning of QR codes. Nowadays every smartphone has a camera that can scan QR codes. Simply use the camera, point it at the QR code and within only seconds automatically the survey pops up at your screen.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is less commonly know, but compared to the QR technology, you do not need a camera at all. It works as follows: in a poster, table or other object a chip is hidden. Just keep your mobile device close to the object en because of the NFC technology which is also in your smarhphone, the chip is detected and automatically the survey pops-up at your screen.

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During the research we can apply changes easily. Or we can even change the aspect of the research when needed.


Before, during and after the questionnaire you receive our best support to correctly set up the research and to optimize.


With the feedback column you are able to measure customer experience direct and on the spot.


The feedback column offers your customers the opportunity to give their feedback in a fun and easy way.


We make sure collecting feedback is made as easy as possible for you. With the best software and the right support.

Valuable Insights

We don't merely indicate the overall customer satisfaction, but we especially look at the areas of improvement in your customer experience.