"The best remedy against boring, long surveys!"

Get rid of that annoyance!

The main reason Satys started it's business: the annoyances that consumers experience when making surveys that are often too long, boring or too complicated. We change this with the introduction of SatysSurvey!

Fun, easy and valuable feedback

The most important component in collecting feedback is not get as much results as you can, instead it is about asking the right questions in order to get the feedback you want. Satys helps you by shaping the whole feedbackprocess together, from asking to right questions till data collection, analysis and evaluation. 

By using tablets and a digital system that is specifically developed for collecting feedback. Questions are transformed to user-friendly buttons, smileys or text-frames, so your audience can give you feedback in an easy and fun way.

How do we do it? This is differs for every company. Therefore, we would like to get in touch with you, so we cain present our feedbacktools and tell you more about all our possibilties. 

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Customer friendly

We experienced the customer friendly attitude and the quick response on changes, which have gradually evolved, as very pleasant.

Coby Idzenga - Omrin
Policy adviser customer relations management
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Satys Omrin


During the research we can apply changes easily. Or we can even change the aspect of the research when needed.


Before, during and after the questionnaire you receive our best support to correctly set up the research and to optimize.


With the feedback column you are able to measure customer experience direct and on the spot.


The feedback column offers your customers the opportunity to give their feedback in a fun and easy way.


We make sure collecting feedback is made as easy as possible for you. With the best software and the right support.

Valuable Insights

We don't merely indicate the overall customer satisfaction, but we especially look at the areas of improvement in your customer experience.