"Be connected to the world by sharing feedback"

A small price to pay

Being connected to the world via the internet is nowadays almost a basic need for many people. WiFi is used in many organizations and at public areas in order to provide and satisfy people.

Next to internet, there is also another factor very important to people, namely the fact that time is scarce. But what about feedback than? How does this fit in the lives of those people. Well, we figured it and came up with an idea that combines all factors: SatysWiFi

Easy to implement, huge results

Since people 'cannot live without the internet' they are more than willing to fill in a few questions as long as it doesn't cost (time). We made sure we integrated all elements that people find important in the feedbacktool SatysWiFi:

  • People are more than willing to give feedback

  • Limited to a maximum of 3 questions

  • Quickly collect a lot of feedback

  • Get to know your audience

  • Barely noticed by customers

  • Works very well combined with other tools 

Already enthusiastic?

Start now


During the research we can apply changes easily. Or we can even change the aspect of the research when needed.


Before, during and after the questionnaire you receive our best support to correctly set up the research and to optimize.


With the feedback column you are able to measure customer experience direct and on the spot.


The feedback column offers your customers the opportunity to give their feedback in a fun and easy way.


We make sure collecting feedback is made as easy as possible for you. With the best software and the right support.

Valuable Insights

We don't merely indicate the overall customer satisfaction, but we especially look at the areas of improvement in your customer experience.