"The most fun and valuable way to gather customer feedback"

This unique feedbacktool makes it possible to collect valuable customer isights in a fun and easy way. By using only 3-5 questions, our feedbacktool SatysTab is able to map quickly what people think and shows why they think and feel that way.

Find out what people think and most important, why they think that

SatysTab enables you to view all results real-time. Do you observe multiple unhappy people in a row? Find out why, learn from the data and anticipate directly. Next to the real-time data, our Satys feedbackanalists provide you with clear reports every period. In this way, we will make sure you and your customers are ready for a happy future.

Learn listen and anticipate. Those are crucial elements we use to keep your customers satisfied. 

The ultimate feedbacktool for your organization!

  • Content completely customized

  • Follow-up en open questions possible in many forms

  • Lay-out adapted to your corporate identity

  • Built-in power bank for extra battery life

  • Delivered and installed for free by our experts

  • Online assistence from Satys always within reach

  • Realtime feedback 

  • Fun, fast and easy to use

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Professional experts

The advantage of the Satys is that we could quickly measure feedback from the students and employees on-the-spot feedback.

David Verweij - Eurest NL
Hospitality Manager
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Satys Eurest NL


During the research we can apply changes easily. Or we can even change the aspect of the research when needed.


Before, during and after the questionnaire you receive our best support to correctly set up the research and to optimize.


With the feedback column you are able to measure customer experience direct and on the spot.


The feedback column offers your customers the opportunity to give their feedback in a fun and easy way.


We make sure collecting feedback is made as easy as possible for you. With the best software and the right support.

Valuable Insights

We don't merely indicate the overall customer satisfaction, but we especially look at the areas of improvement in your customer experience.